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HRMS Software

An application used to manage human resources and related processes throughout the employee lifecycle. It enables a company to fully understand their workforce. HR team and staff are the primary users to run day-to-day work & performance reporting.

NYGGS is an advanced automation system that streamlines HR management processes, saving your time and effort. Our HRMS solution will simplifies the recruitment and management of your employees by conducting interviews, record keeping, and payroll procedures electronically. You'll be able to manage your employee's staff records, edit their personal information, update their attendance logs etc.

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Why NYGGS Human Resource Management System?


Intuitive dashboards containing the information of the employees from the recruitment process to onboarding and furthermore the payroll and the final exit process.

Keep track of all your employees seamlessly.


What is HRMS software?

HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System. It is designed to help organisations manage and automate their HR operations. HRMS software typically includes a range of features and functionalities, such as employee management, payroll processing, benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, and recruitment management.

Why use HR management software?

The main reason to use HR management software is to automate HR processes. This can save the company time and money by reducing the need for manual data entry and paper records. Additionally, HR management software can help to improve the accuracy of HR data and make it easier to track and report on employee data.

How much does HRMS cost?

As the HRMS system's price will vary depending on the specific needs of the organization, so, there is no one-size-fits-all cost estimate. However, some estimates place the cost around Rs 40/- per employee per month to Rs. 1000/+ - per employee per month.

Is CRM a HR software?

This HR software helps recruiters and HR professionals manage their candidate relationships using CRM software. CRM stands for Candidate Relationship Management, which involves handling and improving relationships with prospective and current employees.

What is HCM or HRIS software?

HCM stands for Human Capital Management, while HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System. They are often used interchangeably. However, the two have subtle differences due to the progression of more sophisticated technologies. HCM is commonly designed to manage employees and works on improving their experience through regular performance evaluation, training, and 360-degree feedback management. An HRIS deals with data management of various HR processes such as benefits, workforce management, payroll, and core HR.

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