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NYGGS Payroll Software

NYGGS Payroll System- the most comprehensive payroll solutions available in the market today. It covers the full payroll cycle, allowing you to take control of all inputs and outputs, self-service, and settlements. Forget about missing details, overlooked situations, or ignored compliance—NYGGS has them covered. Streamline your organisation's payroll process and make it more efficient with this Best Payroll Software in India.

Benefits of NYGGS Payroll System

Automated inputs-min

Automated inputs and outputs for increased accuracy and productivity.

Comprehensive authority-min

Comprehensive authority put you in full control of the payroll process.

Self-service functions-min

Self-service functions for easier claim reimbursements and settlements.

Manage multiple salary-min

Manage multiple salary structures. So, no stress on daily, monthly, or hourly basis.

Effectively Manage Loans-min

Effectively Manage Loans & Advances easily from one dashboard.

Maintain compliance with-min

Maintain compliance with all the local and national payroll requirements.

Automated formula-based-min

Automated formula-based deductions on ESIC, PF, LWF, and other deductibles.

Zero missing details-min

Zero missing details to avoid overlooked situations.

Compliances and regulations-min

Compliances and regulations are adhered to for ultimate peace of mind.

Features of Payroll Management Software

Payroll management software- an essential tool for businesses of all sizes that manages payroll calculations and taxes accurately and efficiently. Get NYGGS Payroll Software for flexible payroll management, cloud-based access, and security features to ensure that businesses are compliant with the applicable laws and regulations. More features are:

Create Multiple Salary-min
Create Multiple Salary Structures.
Manage Salary Revisions-min
Manage Salary Revisions and Increments.
Expense & Reimbursemen-min
Expense & Reimbursement Management.
Validate Expenses-min
Validate Expenses Through Receipt Upload.
Formula-Based Tax-min
Formula-Based Tax and Benefits Deductions.
Automatic PF, ESIC,-min
Automatic PF, ESIC, and Tax Calculations.
Simplified Loan-min
Simplified Loan & Advance Approvals.
Automatically Release-min
Automatically Release PDF Payslips Through Email.
Get Insightful Payroll-min
Get Insightful Payroll Analytics & Customize Reports.

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