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Never miss another opportunity with our SFA's advanced "schedule visit" feature!

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Schedule Visits by NYGGS Sales Force Automation Software

The schedule visit” feature is an incredibly easy way to keep all meetings and visits in order. By inputting the date and time, as well as assigning it to the appropriate sales team, you can provide a seamless client journey

Benefits of Scheduling Visits in Sales Force Automation App

Advance schedule meetings

Advance schedule meetings & never miss opportunities

Provide a seamless

Provide a seamless customer journey efficiently

Don't intersect two

Don't intersect two meetings to prevent confusion

Setting meetings in advance

Setting meetings in advance gives you peace of mind

Advance visit scheduling

Advance visit scheduling increase revenue and conversions

Advance meeting and visit

Advance meeting & visit scheduling improves operational efficiency

Reduce no shows

Reduce no-shows & cancellations through online appointment scheduling

Know communication

Know communication history before the next visit to enhance customer relations

Get upcoming appointments

Get upcoming appointments alerts to make a good impression on the clients

Features of Scheduling Visits By SFA Tool

Here are some characteristics of NYGGS Sales Force Automation "Schedule Meeting" feature:

Filter schedules by date
Filter schedules by date, user, or status
Export scheduled
Export scheduled meeting reports in Excel
Assign scheduled
Assign scheduled meetings to the appropriate team
Remark the schedules
Remark the schedules for continued communication
Easily rescheduled
Easily rescheduled visits/meetings to avoid uncertainty
Get notifications
Get notifications/alerts of upcoming meetings to get ready

Set your appointments in advance and never miss another opportunity! Get innovative SFA by NYGGS!