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Budget Management

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Project Management Software

NYGGS Project Management solutions support in the process of using tools, resources and specific techniques to execute and complete construction projects by giving a professional solutions that involves the direction and organisation of the entire project life cycle from ideation to completion delivering a successful project outcome within the budget and time frame.

It covers many important concerns including Risk Management and procurement, enabling project managers to interact and handle the team and stakeholders including clients, architects, engineers and contractors


Project Management

From initial planning, execution to closure, NYGGS Project Management Software manages the life of your projects. Don't limit yourself to rigid tools and control resources, purchases, execution and billing: NYGGS PMS assists you in each phase with varied solutions.

Supply Chain Management
Project Planning
  • Project Cost Evaluation (LMP)
  • Project Execution Planning (Month-Wise BOQ Qty distribution)
  • Workorders & Billing Planning
  • LMP + Ad-Hoc/lump Sum Costing Planning
  • Budget Estimation & Execution Planning
Project Management
Project Execution
  • Project Task/BOQ Creation with Quantities
  • BOQ Distribution Over the Project Duration
  • Unit-Wise Task Management
  • Record Daily Progress Report
  • Purchase Requisition & Pending Requisition Management
  • Cash Flow Projection Analytics for Upcoming Tasks
Equipment Management
Project Review and Close
  • Request for Inspection (RFI): Project Executed Qty Validation
  • Summary Dashboard Actual Vs Planned Executed
  • Project Time-Cost Comparison with Other MIS Reporting
  • Integrated System to Contractors' Bills and SLA Management
  • Complete Project Summary & Review Reports

Our Salient Features

Project Scheduling
Task Management
Project Tracking
Time/Expense Track

Why NYGGS Project Management System?


Manage flow of your Construction project by developing a strong strategy and keeping birds eye view of processes

From project initiation to conception to planning, execution, launch, performance, monitoring and closure.


What is project management module in ERP?

A project management module helps the industry to manage the projects and their information. The project management includes raw material management, requirements accounting, and project status tracking. Every detail related to the project is stored in the records that are stored in the NYGGS ERP.

Why is project management important in ERP?

Most businesses don’t have the experience or expertise to manage some projects, and without this, your ERP implementation will likely fall short of your goals. That’s why the project management module helps you gain experience and expertise and is so important for an ERP project.

What are the benefits of project management in ERP?

By integrating your project management system (PMS) into your ERP, you’re enabling a seamless flow of data across all aspects of your business. PMS provide real-time data on resource utilization and project timeliness.

What is the importance of a Project Management module in ERP for construction organizations?

The Project Management module in ERP is crucial for construction organizations as it enables them to track the profitability and margins of individual contracts, allowing for seamless reporting of commitments, costs, and revenues. Without this module, organizations face the challenge of spending countless hours manually understanding project costs and profits through spreadsheets and reconciliations.

What is the main purpose of the NYGGS ERP Project Management Module?

The NYGGS ERP Project Management Module is designed to simplify the complex web of tasks and challenges associated with project administration and tracking capital equipment projects, site project execution, and billing.

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