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Task Management Software

Task Management Software

Improve the overall performance with insights and harmony

Break free of silos, instill a conducive environment and learn about the most important resource in your company – the people

Task Management

Why do you need a task management tool?

Task management tool allows you to plan tasks beforehand and manage them until their completion. This tool is essential for any company that wants to meet their deadlines and improve team collaboration by keeping track of everything and everyone involved in the project. Moreover, it reduces issues during a project by providing insights, helping you streamline efforts using features, including in-app chat and dashboards.

Salient Features Of Our Task Management Software

Task management

Speed up work and meet deadlines by incorporating task management
  • Create task lists and assign work to specific individuals or teams
  • Upload audios and documents for collaboration
  • In-app chat for better communication on projects
  • Track project progress
  • Set deadlines and prioritize projects
NYGGS Task Management Tool
Task Management Software

Comprehensive HR Reports

Information is of no value if it’s not easy to understand. Get detailed insights that can be utilized to make effective changes
  • Attendance reports including missed punch ins and late counts
  • Payroll reports including payslip download
  • Task reports that go across the board
  • Intuitive dashboards

Project Building & Billing

Save effort and money by automating billing and pre-defining project budgets
  • Define budgetary milestones before starting a project
  • Calculate billables according to hourly rates
  • Pre-designed invoice templates
Task Management Software


What is task management?

Although people usually equate task management with a to-do list, it means so much more. Task management tracks the entire project cycle from start to finish, allowing users to assign tasks, collaborate and set deadlines to streamline delivery and boost efficiency.

Is there a limit to the number of tasks I can create?

No, create as many tasks as you want and assign them to as many people as you want.

How will someone know whether they’ve been assigned a task?

Our task management tool notifies the team member by sending them a pop-up message about any new updates instantly. Additionally, any user can limit the number of notifications from a specific project by modifying settings.

How do HR reports help?

HR reports consist of employee payroll details, attendance details, personal details, and work performance statistics. These insights can be leveraged to understand where the employees lack; whether you can improve them by incorporating training or you need to hire someone new. These reports also help you learn how your company is spending money; whether there is any expense leakage and where you can improve revenue efficiency.

What are HR dashboards and how do they help?

Simply put, HR dashboards are a visual representation of employee patterns. They incorporate performance metrics and help HR managers take quick but well-informed decisions. These dashboards can be used to improve employee satisfaction and retention by providing accurate analysis and recommendations.