Sales Force Automation
(SFA) Software

Boost sales with integrated sales force automation software.

NYGGS Sales Automation (SFA) software empowers your organization to improve overall sales performance. With advanced lead management, 360° customer portraits, sales forecasts, and complete team management, it can improve customer satisfaction and drive performance growth.

  • Empowers Sales Action Execution.
  • Track Visits, Deals & Leads.
  • Improved Team Performance.
  • Get Real-Time Insights.

Our Top-Notch Features

Location-Based Attendance

Let your field sales team punch in or out from anywhere, along with location validation.

Location Tracking

Get real-time data on where your teams are, where they go, and whom they spend time with.

Mobile App

Get a robust NYGGS SFA software app to manage each team and lead through your mobile.

Dynamic Form

During each client visit, your field team will need to fill out a form detailing the communication

Rich Analytic Reports

Get a comprehensive report on meetings and data-rich summaries of each visit a sales employee completes.

Customer 360° View

Get a comprehensive view of data assets like customer basic information & follow-up records.

Centralized Dashboard

Easily track your field sales operations via a centralized dashboard to get complete insights in one place.

Customer Follow-Up

Intelligent customer allocation & customized follow-up efficiently accelerate conversions.

Constructive Communication

Integrated messenger lets you dump confusion & constructively communicate with teams.

How It Can Help You?


Company & Team Management

It will be much easy when your company follows streamlined methods & processes for an opportunity to eliminate any confusion. Therefore, NYGGS Sales CRM offers:

  • Organize Your Sales Force.
  • Eliminate Confusion.
  • Streamline Sales Pipeline.
company & team management
freedom to customize your sales cycle

Freedom to Customize Your Sales Cycle

NYGGS sales force automation software lets you set personalized strategies for each valuable client for better results.

  • Define the Ideal Customer Type.
  • Set Customized Messages.
  • Set Customized Indicators.

Automate & Save Valuable Time

It fully automates your lead nurturing and follow-up sequences, sending emails and text messages, setting tasks for sales reps, and even displaying targeted digital ads.

  • Automate Sales Process.
  • Assign Leads Easily.
  • Re-Invest Saved-Time.
Automate to save valuable time
Converts prospects faster

Convert Prospects Faster

Automating critical sales processes allows you more time to focus on new markets and, thus, prospects. Give prospects the best pre-sales service to convert them faster.

  • Easy Manage Prospects.
  • Response Quickly.
  • Impress Prospects.

Progress Alerts & Notifications

Get automatic alerts and notifications of every touchpoint and movement within the sales process. Be more informed about the deals and make better decisions in real-time.

  • Instant Alerts.
  • Movement Notification.
  • Make Decision Instantly.
Progress Alert and Notifications

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How do you track field employees?

Manual tracking if your field team is impossible. There are many platforms to automate your sales force from anywhere. NYGGS SFA software is a great solution for teams working on the move, including field workers. It allows people to connect via mobile devices despite being in different locations. Managers can use GPS functionality to manage and monitor workforce and team workflow.

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