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Recruitment Software

Recruitment Software

Recruitment life cycle made convenient

Find the right candidates and onboard them swiftly and efficiently

Recruitment Software

Why Should You Get Recruitment Software?

In this cut-throat job market, HR managers and recruiters can do with any help they get. With a study revealing that almost 82% of candidates prefer working from home, recruiters can look beyond their geographical boundaries and hire the best in the market. Recruitment software makes going beyond geographical horizons much easier and helps companies to attract the best candidates.

Salient Features Of Our Recruitment Software

Application Tracking System (ATS)

Approach the right candidates, build a talent database, and hire people who make your organization a better place
  • Create a requisition list based on role, priority, skillset and more
  • Schedule interviews and display candidate status to all stakeholders
  • Integrate with job boards like Naukri, monster, and auto-extract resumes
  • Blacklist unwanted candidates
Best Recruitment Software
Applicant Tracking System

Employee On-boarding

Make your company the number one pick by providing your candidate with an unmatched onboarding experience
  • Auto-assign workflows and tasks based on the role of the candidate
  • Plan pre-joining activities for the candidate
  • On board multiple employees at different locations

Offer Management

Abandon the archaic hard copy offer letters. Send digital offers, get them signed, and store them in digital archives
  • Accurate salary breakdown without involving the accounts department
  • Custom emails and notifications for stakeholders
  • Request all the required documents before releasing the offer
Best Applicant Tracking System


What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

ATS is a solution that allows the HR department to track the journey of a candidate from recruitment to hiring. This software creates a repository of multiple applicants and allows HR managers to find candidates that are most suitable for a job role by applying filters.

How do the best recruitment software help companies?

Recruitment software provides users with keyword templates that let them draft job descriptions that are self-explanatory and attract the best candidates. As the entire recruitment process is channeled through a single-window platform, it reduces the number of quality candidates from disappearing into a pile of paperwork and emails. Furthermore, the entire recruiting team can view the status of the candidate which increases the collaboration within recruiting teams.

Can I integrate job boards with my ATS?

Yes, you can integrate job boards including Monster, Naukri, Internshala, and more.