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Payroll Software

Payroll software that solves problems you didn’t know you had

Say goodbye to month end payroll worries and cumbersome expense tracking and management with NYGGS.

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Why Do You Need Automated Payroll Management Systems?

According to HR managers, payroll calculations are one of the most laborious HR activities. Not only is payroll time-consuming, but the multiple calculations also involved result in numerous errors, making the entire process a nightmare. An automated payroll management system eliminates human errors, saves time, and allows your company to stay compliant

Salient Features Of Our Payroll Software

Automatic Payroll calculations

Substantially bring down processing time and errors with automatic payroll calculations.
  • Create multiple salary structures
  • Manage salary revisions and increments
  • Overtime segregation at hourly basis
Payroll Software
NYGGS Payroll

Expense & Reimbursement Management

Avoid surplus expenses by creating approval chains and setting rate limits.
  • Set rate limits based on kilometers traveled or ticket price
  • Set a max limit for reimbursement
  • Set hierarchical approval systems
  • Validate expenses through receipt upload

Loans & Advances Management

Create policies for employees, enabling them to enjoy concessional or interest-free loans and advances.
  • Manage EMIs and track loans
  • Apply different interest rates like compound, simple and no-interest
Best Payroll Software
Payroll Software

Statutory Compliance

Ensure that you stay out of trouble by maintaining compliance with all the local and national payroll requirements.
  • Formula based deductions
  • Calculate and apply ESIC, PF, LWF and other deductibles


Can NYGGS payroll software calculate Tax deductions?

Yes, not only can you calculate tax deductions like TDS and professional tax, you can generate TDS challans as well

Is NYGGS safe against data theft?

Our payroll software deploys multiple security mechanisms like Sandbox and end-to-end encryption to make sure your data is not accessible to anyone who doesn’t have access to a login id and password. The information between the server and the user is exchanged using SSL encryption, which makes our software impenetrable.

Can NYGGS provide me with a full salary breakdown?

Yes, NYGGS  payroll management system allows you to generate detailed salary slips that include basic, PF, employees state insurance (ESIC), gratuity, leave travel allowance (LTA), incentives, variables, house-rent allowance, and various other remunerations.

Can we generate different payroll reports as per the role of the employee?

Yes, using this software you can generate different payslips for employees based on their roles.