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Mobile App

Mobile App

HR on-the-go with NYGGS Mobile App

Simplify the lives of managers and employees by providing them with transparency and unabridged access to HR functions through their mobile devices

Enable Teams To Stay Ahead with Our Mobile-first App

A.I. Powered

Provide employees with detailed insights that help them improve tasks

Push Notification

Provide timely updates and relevant news to your employees

Geotagging & Geofencing

Allow employees to mark attendance whether they’re in the field or on-site

Document upload

Let employees upload documents during onboarding and collaboration on tasks

Salient Features of Our HR Mobile App

Leave & Reimbursement Application

No more lengthy email chains addressing the HR and your manager. Apply for leaves and reimbursement through the app and get approvals based on pre-decided workflows.

Attendance Tracking & Regularization

A personalized app that allows your employees to mark, track and apply for regularization.

Task Management

Streamline tasks by viewing their progress on the go. View KRAs, share work, and check overall progress using easy-to-understand analytics

Download Payslips

Employees can download detailed payslips in pdf the format that includes information such as total income, deductions, payable days, leaves, and LWP. Additionally, employees can email their payslips directly through the app.

Location-based Check-ins & Check-outs

Provide your field sales employees with the facility to check-in from different locations and mark their attendance using a selfie with the help of geo-tagging and geo-fencing.

Approve Anytime

Approve and reject requests with the press of a button. Make the life of your managers simpler with our app.

Manual Attendance

Provide higher management with ease of marking their attendance whenever they want using our app.

Track Productivity

Have complete oversight, even from remote locations, over every employee and project and ensure that all KRAs and milestones are achieved

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