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Face Mapping

Face Mapping

No more expensive wall panel dependence for onsite attendance

Get cutting-edge technology that utilizes 3D sensors to capture and identify distinct facial features

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Face Mapping
Face Mapping

Selfie Attendance

Download NYGGS and mark attendance through the front camera of any android or IOS device. Our AI-powered app identifies distinct features like the contour of the chin and nose, delivering instant and accurate punch-ins.

Set Up Selfie Attendance in 2Easy Steps
Step 1

Let our app record your face using the latest face-mapping technology

Step 2

Our app pins the registered face to the unique employee ID

Step 3

There is no step 3! Your employees can now use the wall mount or any internet-enabled device to clock in and out

Set Up Instant Profiles

Our app enables you to set up employee face IDs as quickly and conveniently as setting up face IDs on your smartphone. These face IDs can directly be linked to the employee ID, ensuring that all the logins and logouts can be directly attributed to the correct employee.

Face Mapping

Fortify your security

Eliminate buddy punching and unauthorized entry into your premises with our app. Our app allows you to set different credentials on different devices, allowing you to set separate access points for distinct employees.

Streamline Payroll Management

After employees are registered, their attendance can be seen in NYGGS HRMS. Our app accurately tracks employee working hours and utilizes this information to process the company payroll.

NYGGS Payroll

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