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4x sales growth through data-driven insights and create customized marketing campaigns to keep your customer informed.

  • Easy Dashboard
  • Up Productivity
  • Lead Generation
  • Expert Support

Our First-Class Features

smarter workflow
Smarter Workflow

Create a smarter workflow by sharing insights, answering questions, and leads & deals updates in one place.

identify hot warm
Identify Hot, Warm, Cold Leads

Don’t struggle to find your potential leads, mark all leads in Hot, Warm, & Cold using lead stage feature.

team win
Create Team To Win More

Strategically create teams for particular clients or goals to boost success chances using CRM Teams feature.

3x Call Center Efficiency

Let your call sales/support drive 3x efficiency through the right customer information using CTI integration.

control permission
Control Permissions

Decide who can create, edit, delete, export or import your data using Permission Templates feature.

scalable flexible
Scalable and Flexible

Add or delete leads for a fresh list making it a scalable and flexible solution for any size business.

marketing automation
Marketing Automation

No more typing emails. Choose from pre-installed email templates to keep your customer informed. place.

alert notification
Alerts & Notifications

Stay ahead through every touchpoint & movement’s automatic alerts & notifications feature & be informed.

reports real time
Reports in Real-Time

Track your performance against your monthly goals in real-time and set your next action accordingly.

How It Can Help You?

route distance calculator
Route Distance Calculator

No more disputes on how much your executive travels in a day. If you reimburse your staff on the basis of distance traveled than this feature will save you a ton of money.

route optimization
Route Optimization

Need to visit a few clients but you have no idea what should be the best route? TeamSpoor uses an advance algorithm to calculate the best route depending upon the traffic conditions to save your time and money.

Salient Features Of Our CRM Software

Manage Leads Effectively

Get all lead details in one place and manage leads more effectively through easy lead prioritization, bulk editing, marking lead engagement scores, and many more features.

  • Prioritize Leads
  • Create or Edit Leads in Bulk
  • Engagement Score of Leads
manage leads
email campaign

Run Personalized Email Campaigns

With fewer clicks, create well-timed, relevant, and personalized emails that increase customer engagement. What’s more? Choose from many pre-built templates to ease writing headaches.

  • Build Brand Loyalty
  • Keep Customer Informed
  • Trigger Personalized Messages

Exponential Sales Growth

When you automate your sales process, streamline team activities & communication, and marketing efforts, you can exponentially grow your sales and thus business.

  • Automate Sales Process
  • Streamline Communication
  • Re-Invest Time to Work on Growth
sales growth
custom activities prioritization

Custom Activities & Prioritization

Get information about lead follow-ups, email opened rate, website visits, and more metrics, you can customize or prioritize activities according to leads’ behavior & boost success.

  • Know Leads Behavior
  • Craft Custom Activities
  • Analyze Leads Behavior Metric

Boost Customer Satisfaction

The Forms and Process Designer features help you capture relevant lead data to give better inputs to your sales team to make constructive communication & boost customer satisfaction.

  • Personalize Strategy for Leads
  • Get Lead Info in One Place
  • Confidently Communicate with Leads
boost customer satisfaction

All your lead records, communication, team collaboration, and follow-ups are automated through powerful features. Let’s ace your growth.

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Why do I need a CRM software?

Businesses used to know their customers personally by name. Sales and turnover were recorded in the merchant’s book and provided with notes.

But what to do when there is not one, but ten sales employees and not 50, but 5,000 customers? And another 50,000 who could potentially become customers? Here it is important to keep an overview and still create personal customer contact. This is exactly what a good CRM software enables.

What is a cloud based CRM system?

Traditionally, CRM software was installed locally on a computer or server in the company. This offers a feeling of data sovereignty, but at the same time brings with it many difficulties. The operation requires a complex technical infrastructure, high-quality and expensive hardware as well as the appropriate IT expertise. If you don’t have all of this in-house, you have to rely on cloud based CRM system.

A cloud CRM system simply runs in the web browser and users are ready to go in a few seconds. The data is stored centrally on servers in multi-secured data centers. Therefore, any computer, tablet or smartphone is sufficient for our users to be able to access their data from anywhere.

How does CRM software improve customer relationships & teamwork?

It is in the nature of things that CRM software improves customer management. One point that is often overlooked, however, is the huge potential in teamwork!

How so? CRM software that is designed for collaboration, i.e. working together and not elbow-boosting, automatically keeps all colleagues informed. Anyone is able to get an overview of what’s been going on with a client for the last week in minutes, without having to ask anyone. Better still, a collaborative CRM software like NYGGS CRM actively notifies the involved teammates about relevant sales. The newly created transparency not only avoids communication breaks, but also creates a feeling of participation. This benefits everyone.

What CRM software can do with leads, deals, activities, and forecasts?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an invaluable tool for any business, as it helps manage and track leads, deals, activities, and forecasts. By utilizing CRM software to its fullest potential, businesses can effectively gain insight into their sales pipeline and acquire a better understanding of current customer trends. Furthermore, CRM technology makes it easier to identify ideal leads while providing deeper visibility into the total value of each existing customer relationship across multiple channels. With features like automated lead management processes and streamlined contact-management capabilities within the same interface, the organization has at its disposal an important key to growth that streamlines operations in many ways.

Is CRM Software for a small business?

The above answer is relevant to this question. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an invaluable tool for small businesses. It provides a platform to store and manage customer data, including contact details and purchase histories. This allows businesses to track their customers’ interactions with the company, giving them insight into how best to serve them in the future. Additionally, CRM systems can provide detailed analytics about sales performance and other important metrics that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for smaller operations to obtain. Through this information, business owners can identify opportunities for growth and tailor their strategies accordingly.


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