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Why Do Companies Need HR Software?

With the ever-increasing workforce, it has become exceedingly hard for the HR department to juggle large-scale tasks like payroll management, attendance tracking, and recruitment while keeping everyone happy. NYGGS provides a solution to this problem by automating these mundane tasks and providing 360-degree functionality.

Salient Features Of Our HRM Software

Employee Profiling

Bring your entire organization under one umbrella by creating extensive profiles for employees working in different locations and monitoring them using our HR software.
  • Role-based authorization
  • Create multiple sites and assign roles
  • Manage employee transfer between sites/locations
  • History of site transfer for employee analysis
NYGGS HRM Software

Multiple Document Types

Go paperless while onboarding and offboarding employees and create a centralized repository of all documents, authorizing access according to roles.
  • Document upload and download
  • Company policies formulation
  • Multiple preset employee letter templates
  • Store E-signatures

Automated workflow approval

Eliminate slip ups, streamline processes, and enhance collaborations and transparency by automating workflows.
  • Customize approval workflows
  • Terminate data duplication
HRM Software
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Asset Management

Allocate and monitor all your assets in real time through a centralized dashboard, ensuring that they never get lost.
  • Create asset life cycle
  • Synchronized with on-boarding and off-boarding processes
  • Schedule asset maintenance in advance
  • Store data about the asset including invoice, vendor information, and model

Notifications & Announcements

Keep your employees up-to-date when it comes to changes in your organization
  • Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries
  • Relay policy changes
  • Inform employees about new client and talent on boarding
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What are Core HR functions?

Core HR functions revolve around handling the most vital resource of your company – your employees and harnessing them in a way that helps the organization grow and achieve its goals. HR functions also involve ensuring smooth sailing and security against any legal ramifications by articulating strong policies.

How does NYGGS HR software work?

NYGGS collects data from multiple employees and formulates it in a database. This database is then utilized by our intuitive AI to create elaborate analytics, providing the organization with insights that can be used to improve its human resource management. Our software aims to harmonize your company with the current working environment and protect it against any major cultural shifts in the workspace by incorporating the latest trends and feedback.

What size organizations can use NYGGS?

NYGGS is well suited to every organization whether it is a small, medium, or enterprise-level business. Whether you are just starting out or you are successfully running an established business, our software can help you streamline operations and cut costs.

How long does it take to implement?

1-3 weeks, depending on the size of your company.