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Purple Unicorn: What Makes Them A Rare Employee

The term ‘purple unicorn’ has been used for two things in the labor sector: the first relates to technology companies that have increased their value quickly, reaching billion-dollar levels. The second has been applied to a term that is highly attractive to companies: purple unicorn employees. In terms of attracting professional talent, Purple unicorns are not mythological beings with horns on their foreheads but rather something equally difficult to find.

Next, learn about the definition of a purple unicorn profile and the characteristics that define them.

What is Purple Unicorn?

Purple unicorn employees are those workers who possess a set of work qualities that are difficult to find in one person.

They have no limits, have a constant hunger for learning, and are not defined by their professional ‘title.’

In other words, purple unicorn employees are people who do not meet the requirements for a role but have the potential to fill the needs and challenges required.

Looking for an employee with the following skills? So you are not looking for just any talent but a ‘purple unicorn.’

Characteristics of a Purple Unicorn Candidate

A title does not define them

Purple unicorns are flexible and curious, with ideas and a desire to collaborate in different areas of the company. Although they know a specific area, they do not hesitate to learn and contribute in other areas and to the growth of the business.

They are kind and respectful

They are highly capable of relating to others, regardless of their position. And this allows them to create work teams in which respect and harmony are the common denominators.

They make things happen

They can create fun and productive work environments. But they are also objective enough to know that if one of their teammates does not produce the expected results, their participation in the team is meaningless and harms others. Purple Unicorn employees make everything take the course that they must follow to achieve their goals.

Panoramic view with details

Purple unicorns’ strategic thinking allows them to see the big picture from the general to the particular to apply this knowledge to their work without missing any details. Their attention is so meticulous that it helps the organization anticipate problems.

They show real value

They have passion, perseverance, and determination to achieve the projected goals. In addition, to face the tests that arise in the dynamics of day-to-day, they have great strength, concentration, and calm that are decisive for success.

Purple Unicorns And Purple Squirrels

Apparently, purple unicorns do not have professional titles but have the potential to make reliable decisions that will lead to successful growth. A purple squirrel is an ideal candidate who meets every requirement and can perform the job without question. These people are hard to find, so carefully invest your resources in looking for them. Most purple squirrels and unicorns know their worth. If you’re considering hiring one, you’ll need to set aside plenty of time and spend a lot out of your company’s pocket. Unicorns and purple squirrels aren’t cheap, because they know how rare they are and often demand housing and travel expenses

Final Words

As you can see, purple unicorns and purple squirrel characteristics are difficult to find in a single person. So recruiters should pay close attention to the process if they face a unicorn employee. They bring many benefits to the company and finding one is like finding a needle in a haystack. Do not let them go!

Putting the right recruiting software can make a huge difference while searching for a purple unicorn or purple squirrel. One such software is NYGGS recruiting software. It uses artificial intelligence to identify and suggest well-suited candidates for you. This recruiting software will save you time, and it’s likely to be more accurate. It will make the hiring process more reliable to hunt purple unicorns and squirrels, helping to take your business forward.