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Application Tracking System – 6 Tips and Tricks know about ATS for Your Business

What can the HRs do to ensure that it hires the ideal employee? They use their robust knowledge and take help from reliable tools; the Application Tracking System (ATS) in this case.

For any company, a systematic selection of candidates is very important since it determines how well the company is able to acquire talent. Isn’t it?

Choosing the right employees who will add value to the future of your business is not just a thing. The new additions to the workforce must have the ideal characteristics to push the company forward, solve the problems that have led to their hiring, and/or satisfy the needs that the company requires of them. And not only that; do you know what could happen to a company if it hires the wrong person? Incur a decrease in productivity, a loss of customers and, therefore, profits. Let’s learn about how ATS can help, keep reading.

What Is a Hiring or Candidate Selection Process?

A selection or recruitment process is a set of steps the company must follow to hire the right person.

But, before entering the selection process, there is a preliminary phase that every company must study in detail. It is about analyzing everything related to the vacant position, such as:

  1. How many positions are there?
  2. What are their characteristics?
  3. What does the company need from that figure?
  4. What will their functions be?

Finally, we must calculate the budget this will take because it has to be managed effectively if we do not want the company to lose.

Now that you know what a selection process entails, you will have seen that it involves a large volume of work. Imagine you received tons of resumes! That is why ATS technology was born; the software specialized in managing this process, optimizing it, and automating it as much as possible.

What is Application Tracking System Software?

NYGGS ATS Software (Applicant Tracking Systems) is a tool that aims to facilitate the work of the Human Resources department.

A platform of this type is responsible for collecting all the candidate information and monitoring the selection itself. Based on parameters that can be customized, this type of software filters the data of each possible employee to reduce the amount intelligently.

Companies with this tool can optimize the time of those responsible for Human Resources, who will obtain better opportunities for attracting talent.

Application Tracking System

Benefits of Having an Application Tracking System for Your Business

Not all companies need ATS Tool because it depends on whether it suits their needs or not. Now, implementing it would have guaranteed benefits; let’s see them.

You save time in the hiring process

We have already highlighted this as the main benefit of having an applicant tracking system. All those companies that receive many resumes, ATS can benefit more.

Automatically discard duplicate application

Imagine you receive duplicate applications, and you have no way to discard them automatically. If all these processes are carried out by hand, it will take time for HR to review all the resumes. Here, Application Tracking Software plays a key role.

An ATS software offers you the best candidates

With specialized software, you can make sure that the best candidates (or those that best suit the needs of the position) are those who get to interview with your company’s employer. The selection of the best candidates depends on an algorithm or keywords that must appear in the resumes.

The software then runs its “AI algorithm,” the first phase in a personnel selection process.

Reduce selection costs

If you reduce the selection process time, you are ultimately saving the company’s cash. ATS will help wrap up the process, from screening to confirming the candidacy, in minimum time.

Improve the candidate experience

Application Tracking System Software offers a much more attractive job portal adapted to the image of your company. Because your first impression, like theirs, is also very important. You will want to attract those candidates who can adapt and be part of your company philosophy, but… if you do not transmit a clear idea, they will never receive it.

In addition, company job portals can greatly facilitate the selection process, making candidates more willing to see it through to the end.

Choosing the Best ATS Software

An ATS can make your life and your HR’s work more productive and easier… if it is intuitive and simple to use.

The first thing that a Human Resources department has to do when it wants to select the best ATS software for its company is to prepare a budget and see what needs it has to satisfy and how it has to be to adapt to the HR policy and the company culture.

Once you have established selection criteria and have some solutions in mind, it is time to test the interface. Some platforms, like NYGGS Application Tracking System, offer a live demo in which you can observe and then decide on the purchase.

Why Choose NYGGS Application Tracking System?

See, the point is which ATS provider is the perfect fit for your business needs. The price-value ratio must be in-line with your budget. Therefore, NYGGS is here to serve you with a cost-effective and completely customizable ATS solution so you can go high in the ever-evolving environment.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has you covered! Our cutting-edge technology automates tedious recruitment and selection processes, making searching, hiring, and onboarding the right people simple and intuitive. Some of the features and benefits it offers are:

  • Blacklist unwanted candidates
  • Filter duplicate applications automatically
  • Create a requisition list based on role, priority, skillset, and more
  • Schedule interviews and display candidate status to all stakeholders
  • Integrate with job boards and have a customizable email for communication

Applicant Tracking System Tool is designed to make the application process easier and more efficient. Let’s save time, energy & stress by choosing NYGGS ATS today!


An applicant tracking system (ATS) can leverage the hiring process effectively. It saves time and cost so that HR can focus on other crucial administrative tasks or employee engagement strategies.

So, if you are tired of paper applications, tedious manual processes, and difficulties in reviewing perfect candidates- NYGGS Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help. You will experience minimal vetting times, simplified data storage procedures, and organized applicant tracking. Its customizability and cost-effectiveness make it the best applicant tracking system in India. So get to work and find your perfect ATS software!

Performance Management

What Are Performance Management Systems? 3 Phases to Implement It

While performance management is an essential part of Human Resources. It is not always successful in implementing the most effective model that best meets company needs.

This management is a method used by HR to measure employees’ performance, although other factors also play a role. Employee evaluation is, therefore, a priority for those in charge of HR.

Most organizations downplay the importance of routine management and don’t have an effective system. Incorrect management can negatively affect a company’s productivity and competitiveness. How can we ignore the importance of performance management systems?

Brief Details of Performance Management Systems

Performance Management Systems are the combination of technologies and methodologies to assess the routine of workers. Employee performance management systems comply with a set of procedures, techniques, and criteria within a company to score employees’ performance.

In many ways, the employee management system influences the company’s own management. As it determines promotions, hiring needs, or other changes to the organization’s human resources management.

Importance of Performance Management Systems

In line with the above, performance management in Human Resources should help both the company and the employees. For organizations, the importance of management lies in the fact that it is the most effective way to influence the work routine of the workforce, helping to achieve or exceed the objectives set.

But workers can also benefit from the implementation of a good management system. The availability of evaluation indicators, for example, helps workers to be more efficient in their tasks while knowing exactly what the company expects of them.

The implementation of evaluation software is a key point in any digital transformation plan and an unavoidable step to optimize such a sensitive procedure as much as possible. The evaluators have centralized access to the information, they can enter all the indicators they deem appropriate and, in addition, they will have always updated statistics.

Advantages of Implementing Employee Performance

The foundation of organizational concert improvement is NYGGS Employee Performance Management Systems, which sometimes become complex due to confusion and a few errors. As a result, it needs the core attention of any human resource management model, allowing them to take advantage it offers:

  • An effective tool for communicating the organization’s values, priorities, and objectives.
  • Creating a channel for clarifying mutual expectations.
  • A frame of reference to guide daily and constructive feedback, strengthening relationships on a day-to-day basis.
  • A means to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement at work.
  • The benchmark for focusing investment in training and development on the organization’s performance improvement needs.

Performance Management vs. Performance Evaluation

The previous sections have led to the conclusion that routine management and job routine evaluation seem to be almost equivalent concepts. This is true to a large extent, but in reality, they refer to different areas within talent management.

It is a global strategy of which evaluation itself is just one more pillar. The project involves overseeing evaluation processes, planning actions to maximize employee performance, and improving the management of human talent in general.

Performance evaluation, on the other hand, is perhaps the most visible and decisive aspect of routine management, as it consists of specific tests for determining job concert and its conditions. This would also include, for example, the preparation of Feedback for employees.

What Are the Three Phases of Performance Management?

The three phases of performance management are Planning, Execution & Monitoring, and Review & update. As in any other long-term strategy, PMS management includes phases whose duration is hard to determine, since each company will have its own means for implementing the strategy. However, each phase can be distinguished by its distinct actions.

performance management system

1. Planning

What exactly do you hope to achieve by implementing a performance management system? The company should define its objectives and performance indicators as clearly as possible. At the same time, it is time to establish a calendar of all the actions or, at least, the most important ones.

2. Execution and Monitoring

There are a number of important aspects of the management system to execute, including assessment tests, meetings, data analysis, and employee feedback (much-needed feedback).

3. Review and Update

As nothing is set in stone, PM System should always remain flexible, meaning should be permanently open to change.


Any high-routine organization requires an enterprise performance management system to connect the planning and execution of business strategy. However, finding the winning combination of standards, criteria, and processes that allow leaders and employees to evaluate results and behaviors is not easy. A good integration with the company’s strategy and culture is required, as well as everyone’s commitment to its application.

If you want your organization to become high-routine and improve your performance management system, we can help you. At NYGGS, we put at your disposal our expert knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of this type of system. We respond to your challenges with solutions with the NYGGS Employee Management System.


Purple Unicorn: What Makes Them A Rare Employee

Purple Unicorns: What Are They & What Makes Them A Rare Employee

The term ‘purple unicorn’ has been used for two things in the labor sector: the first relates to technology companies that have increased their value quickly, reaching billion-dollar levels.The second has been applied to a term that is highly attractive to companies: purple unicorn employees.In terms of attracting professional talent, Purple unicorns are not mythological beings with horns on their foreheads but rather something equally difficult to find.

Next, learn about the definition of a purple unicorn profile and the characteristics that define them.


What is Purple Unicorn?

Purple unicorn employees are those workers who possess a set of work qualities that are difficult to find in one person.

They have no limits, have a constant hunger for learning, and are not defined by their professional ‘title.’

In other words, purple unicorn employees are people who do not meet the requirements for a role but have the potential to fill the needs and challenges required.

Looking for an employee with the following skills? So you are not looking for just any talent but a ‘purple unicorn.’

Characteristics of a Purple Unicorn Candidate

A title does not define them

Purple unicorns are flexible and curious, with ideas and a desire to collaborate in different areas of the company.Although they know a specific area, they do not hesitate to learn and contribute in other areas and to the growth of the business.


They are kind and respectful

They are highly capable of relating to others, regardless of their position. And this allows them to create work teams in which respect and harmony are the common denominators.

They make things happen

They can create fun and productive work environments. But they are also objective enough to know that if one of their teammates does not produce the expected results, their participation in the team is meaningless and harms others.Purple unicorn employees make everything take the course that they must follow to achieve their goals.


Panoramic view with details

Purple unicorns’ strategic thinking allows them to see the big picture from the general to the particular to apply this knowledge to their work without missing any details.Their attention is so meticulous that it helps the organization anticipate problems.


They show real value

They have passion, perseverance, and determination to achieve the projected goals.In addition, to face the tests that arise in the dynamics of day-to-day, they have great strength, concentration, and calm that are decisive for success.



 Purple Unicorns And Purple Squirrels

Apparently, purple unicorns do not have professional titles but have the potential to make reliable decisions that will lead to successful growth.A purple squirrel is the ideal candidate who meets every requirement and can perform the job without question. These people are hard to find, so carefully invest your resources in looking for them.Most purple squirrels and unicorns know their worth. If you’re considering hiring one, you’ll need to set aside plenty of time and spend a lot out of your company’s pocket.Unicorns and purple squirrels aren’t cheap, because they know how rare they are and often demand housing and travel expenses


Final Words

As you can see, purple unicorns and purple squirrel characteristics are difficult to find in a single person.So recruiters should pay close attention to the process if they face a unicorn employee. They bring many benefits to the company and finding one is like finding a needle in a haystack. Do not let them go!

Putting the right recruiting software can make a huge difference while searching for a purple unicorn or purple squirrel. One such software is NYGGS recruiting software. It uses artificial intelligence to identify and suggest well-suited candidates for you. This recruiting software will save you time, and it’s likely to be more accurate. It will make the hiring process more reliable to hunt purple unicorns and squirrels, helping to take your business forward.



Attendance Software

Features and Benefits of Attendance Software

For many years there has been a manual system to track employees’ entry and exit times.

It is a task that has always been in constant evolution. In the current world, the old complex systems have changed and become simple-to-use software. This software system is now called attendance tracking software.

Now, employees need their fingerprints or face to record their entry-exit timings. Simply, this software stores the attendance records automatically of each worker. Also, it automates the calculations of absences, leaves, and overtime to make fair pay. This data allows management to get informed about fundamental tasks.

Attendance software offers many more features and benefits. Let us find out.

Features of Attendance Software

Track Leaves & Holidays

Try attendance tracking software if you have problems scheduling your workers’ leave. It is the best way to record leaves as it automates your attendance workload.

It allows you to differentiate with or without pay, vacations, medical, and personal leaves. Also, the visual representation is quite a reliable feature that lets you get insights quickly. Now get greater clarity and transparency of the leave outputs.

Save Cost and Time

Any employee involved in human capital management knows that payroll processing is hard.With the best time and attendance software, streamlining worked hours saves businesses costs and time. An example of complex payroll services includes distinguishing between hours worked per employee and different compensation levels.

Overtime, paid time off, and traditional work hours affect labor costs differently. As a result, cost and time savings are huge reasons why many small businesses invest in attendance software.

Automatic Alerts

Another feature of the best time and attendance software is the possibility of creating personalized alerts. Customise reminders according to your company’s needs.

So this technology will help you automatically detect delays and absences and schedule tasks. It directs the HR department about tasks that must be performed periodically, such as generating reports and analysis.

Here are the benefits of having the best attendance-tracking software.

Benefits of Attendance Software

These systems have multiple benefits for the company:

Total employee attendance management. It always knows who is in the company, who has already left, and who is on vacation.

Installation is usually simple and does not need a large investment. It is simple enough to purchase a tablet from which employees can enter and exit.

They can be fully customized depending on the needs of each company. The shifts, the starting hours, the working hours… are not the same in each company. These devices are fully adaptable to each of them.

Statistics report. The administrator can view visual information based on daily statistics anytime.

Track vacation requests. The software lets you track, accept, or deny vacation requests with proper reason.

Schedule flexibility. This system allows the adaptability of going to work earlier or later. Just give it hours that must be met daily and weekly to mark full-time.

It Improves the company’s productivity. Since it automates all the attendance-related tasks, you can focus on other crucial tasks.

In general, these innovative systems are adapting to the market’s new needs. It is gradually making life easier for employees. Most attendance software providers offer an app, a self-service portal for employees.

NYGGS attendance tracking software benefits you with these features. In addition, it is constantly updated to keep your company’s best ally.

Choose NYGGS attendance software, more than a simple attendance registration system!