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NYGGS Attendance Software

How can NYGGS attendance software help my organization?

Our solution automates the process of attendance and tracking by giving definitive locations and time stamps while marking attendance, ensuring there are no uncertainties when it comes to computing attendance. Additionally, it ensures that your field employees are reaching the locations on time for meetings or deliveries, improving customer experience.

Salient Features Of Our Tracking & Attendance Software

Attendance Management System

Put an end to micromanaging employees and allow them to punch in using multiple devices from multiple locations.
  • Set separate part-time, full-time, WFH, office and field attendance policies
  • Track attendance using IOT devices like biometrics and facial recognition
  • Unerring overtime hours recording
  • Detailed monthly and weekly attendance with graphs
 Attendance Software
Attendance Software

Leave Management System

Configure and manage tedious leave policies based on region, timing, and role.
  • Flexible leave deduction with leave count meter
  • Configure leave policies according to roles
  • Leave application with approval workflows
  • Yearly holiday calendar
  • Monthly graph depicting total holidays taken by employees

Geo-fencing & Geo-tagging

Accurately track and identify the location of your employees, whether they’re at home, in the field or at the office.
  • Precise tracking of work hours including breaks with Geo-fencing
  • Set up multiple punch points
  • Track routes of field employees in real-time
  • Auto check-in and checkout for top management
NYGGS Attendance Tracking Software
Best Attendance Tracking Software

Multiple shifts

Keep track of flexible shifts, rotate employees, and integrate timesheets with projects through a single window.
  • Manage shifts for 24/7 delivery
  • Set buffer time and max number of late counts
  • Set different weekly offs
  • Automated rotational shifts


How can leave management help my organization?

Having a leave management system enables continuity in business processes by ensuring that you always have cover and reduces revenue leakage.

How does NYGGS track employees?

NYGGS uses geo-fencing and geo-tagging to zero in on the location of any employee. These next-gen features can be used to perform different functions in your company. You can track the exact location of your WFH employees during punch-in and – out, track field employees and provide higher management with the utility of proximity attendance.

Can I integrate payroll and attendance software together?

You most certainly can. The integration of these two different modules allows you to pay accurate salaries on the basis of working hours. Consequently, it reduces the number of hassles and errors.

Does NYGGS support biometrics?

Yes, our state-of-the-art lens allows your employees to mark their attendance through selfies.