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About Us

NYGGS Automation Suite: The best way to automate your business processes!

NYGGS Automation Suite is India’s fast-growing SaaS software solutions provider. Founded in 2017, we proudly provide various cloud-based software, including hire-to-retire HR Software (HRMS), Sales Force Automation (SFA) Software, and Sales CRM. We are committed to serving small and medium businesses in India with our innovation in automation tools.

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Let our up-to-date & user-friendly software automate your business’s core operations, boost efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

As an innovative SaaS company, our mission is to create a solution that will improve businesses’ operations and make data-driven decisions. We strive to provide users with cutting-edge technology that will help them to maximize their efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Vision

At NYGGS, our vision is to build a better company through automated workflows and processes to deliver the best employee and customer experience. With automated workflows through secure software & technology, we wish to create a culture of continuous improvement without any human error. Additionally, automating workflows and human capital can help companies achieve their goals faster.

Our Values

NYGGS strives to be a reflection of its values. We believe that a strong alignment between these values and the organization will enable us to function efficiently. Some of our fundamental values are as follows

Customer Centric Software Development
Passion for driving growth through innovation
Open to new ideas to integrate into our product
Accept every challenge for constructive change
A supportive culture where everyone is appreciated
An agile environment where all employees are empowered

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