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MIS Software

NYGGS’s goal is to provide our client (managers & management) the accurate & timely information with less effort to make better decisions for the success of their business. It allows you to get accurate data, reports and powerful analytical tools from which you can identify the issues & opportunities immediately & on the basis of that you can make proper decisions

MIS is actually a system which provides the necessary information to management team on the basis of that they can take important decisions for their organization. It gathers data & reports of different departments from the software (ERP) to provide information to the manager’s and management team whichever required for their day to day operations.


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Why Management Information System?


Intuitive dashboards containing the information of the management processes which gives you a bird’s eye view of your reports enabling you to be efficient

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Can MIS module provide real-time access to critical business information?

Yes, MIS offers real-time access to critical business information, ensuring up-to-date insights for decision-making and analysis.

How does MIS module help in monitoring and measuring key performance indicators (KPIs)?

MIS enables the monitoring and measurement of KPIs by providing dashboards, reports, and analytics that track performance metrics and highlight areas of improvement.

Can MIS integrate data from various departments and systems within an organisation?

Absolutely, MIS seamlessly integrates data from multiple departments and systems, consolidating information for comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Does MIS module facilitate collaboration and information sharing across departments?

Yes, MIS promotes collaboration and information sharing by providing a centralised platform where departments can access and share data, fostering better communication and decision-making.

Can MIS be accessed remotely or on mobile devices for on-the-go data access?

Certainly, MIS can be accessed remotely and on mobile devices, ensuring on-the-go data access and empowering users to make informed decisions from anywhere at any time.

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