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Inventory Management Software Solution

The best part of our solution is its accuracy and error-free operations. As there is no scope of any margin of error so you don’t need to worry about any financial loss. NYGGS Inventory Management will automate all your operational process relates to inventory. Our solution will increase the productivity of your business & ensure that your business gets operational benefits (saving time, reduction in cost, high accuracy). It supports in maintaining inventory levels precisely to avoid overstocking by maintaining.

Our solution are used by businesses of various sizes and sectors to meet their demands and grow their sales, So join us and streamline your resources today !


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Why NYGGS Inventory Management System?


It’s a process of procurement, storing, utilising, and ultimately selling inventory (raw materials, components, or finished products, so managing from raw materials to finished products is inventory management.

This process involves managing the flow of inventory from purchase to final sale, and closely watching for supply and demand trends in the market. So, the main task of any Inventory management is to streamline inventories to avoid both abundance and shortages.)


What is the purpose of the Inventory Management module in an ERP system?

The Inventory Management module helps track the movement and storage of materials and products. It provides visibility into stock levels, tracks items from the time of purchase to the time of sale.

How does the Inventory Management module interact with other ERP modules?

The Inventory Management module integrates with the Sales and Distribution module to fulfill customer orders. It works with the Procurement module to replenish stock levels. It integrates with the Finance module to value the inventory assets.

What are the key features of an Inventory Management module?

Key features include item management, warehouse management, stock level management, inward and outward management, stock aging reports, batch and serial number management, and expiration date management.

What types of industries benefit most from an Inventory Management module?

Inventory-intensive industries like manufacturing, retail, and distribution benefit greatly from an ERP Inventory Management module. It helps ensure they have adequate stock to meet customer demands while minimizing excess inventory.

What kind of reporting can I expect from the Inventory Management module?

You can generate stock aging reports, stock level reports, inward and outward register reports, and inventory valuation reports. More advanced systems provide dashboards and KPIs on fill rates, turnover ratios, excess stock, and stock-out risks.

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