How does NYGGS School Bus Tracking System work?

NYGGS Bus Tracking is a solution to parents and school authorities to create a safe and efficient school bus management. We provide GPS tracking solutions to ensure student safety to and from their schools. NYGGS provides real-time location of the school bus to parents and school authorities. Our software helps the transport manager to maintain school bus fleet efficiently.


How do you implement it?

mobile phone

Create an account for school after getting into an agreement


Will deliver the required hardware


Technician will come and install hardware


Setting up user profiles, vehicles, routes, etc


Sharing use credentials and mobile app link to parents


driver and bus assistant will get notified about which trip and route they have to take via mobile


Mobile app will show the route, bus stops, students etc in their mobile


parents will be notified about the realtime location of the vehicle in their mobile

Why NYGGS School Bus Tracking?

why school bus tracking

Why NYGGS School Bus Tracking?


School Bus Planner

School bus routing and scheduling is always a hectic process for transport managers but it can done without much stress than earlier with our data collection methods- Route Planner, User Interface and Automatic Data Collection


Route Management

With NYGGS System, transport managers can define the route by choosing source and destination of school bus along with the stoppage this will be a onetime exercise


Trip Management

Transport managers can optimize the route and map the bus based on the starting and end point of school bus trip



NYGGS system helps Transport Managers to maintain their fleets to run in the assigned area. If the fleet cross the assigned area, then alert will occur in the bus and a notification will sent to authorities


Face Recognition

With NYGGS, student attendance will get marked by facial recognition of each student. It include all the face features such as cheeks, nose, eyes, ears and lips


Live Location

With our school bus tracking apps, School Authorities, Transport Managers and Parents can get relaxed as they are allowed to track the school bus route via our LIVE location


Real-Time Notification

With this system, school authorities, parents, etc will get real-time updates about boarding and de boarding of students, mishaps and other emergencies


Accurate Reports

Keeping a record of all details can prove helpful in the future. With our system, concerned authorities can see all the essential reports whenever needed


Trip History

When the Transport Manager confirms the school bus route in the NYGGS solution, it will be updated automatically in the trip history. And once recorded, they can view it whenever required


Driver Guidance

Drivers can view the direction to the next pick up and drop down point and contact details via our Driver Console App. And in addition to this, drivers will also receive important messages from school authorities


Enhanced Security

Our mobile apps attached with the system are fully secured with individual security key. Optimized version is available for every user