A Perfect ERP Software for NBFC Industry

Revolutionizing the way the NBFC industry works. Optimize sales performance and streamline payroll, multiple shift scheduling, and KYC document handling - all with the NYGGS Advance ERP system

Managing all your operational tasks


Sales Force Management System


Payroll Management


Multiple Shift Management


Advance Management


KYC Document Management

How does NYGGS ERP help in the NBFC industry?

A comprehensive solution for the NBFC industry, NYGGS ERP allows you to manage your sales, payroll, and salary advances with ease. With features such as a sales force management system, appointment scheduler, payroll management, multiple shift management, and document management, you are sure to benefit from a comprehensive ERP

Sales Force Management
  • Daily Call Reports (DCR)
  • Inbuilt Appointment Scheduler
  • Daily Tasks Scheduling
  • Document Sharing
  • Daily Receivable Management
Multiple Shift Management
  • Create Shift Plans
  • Assign Shifts
  • Manage Multiple Shifts
  • Track Overtime
  • Manage Shift-Wise Payroll
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Payroll Management
  • Expense & Leave Management
  • Payroll Generation
  • Compliant Document
  • TDS Declaration
  • Salary Structure Management
Document Management
  • KYC Documents
  • Self Identification Documentation
  • Client Document Management
  • Proof of Visit Document Management
  • Role-Based Access to Documents