Simplify Mining Operations with NYGGS ERP

Are you tired of managing your mining projects manually? NYGGS ERP has got you covered - a comprehensive software that empowers you to track project management and optimize fuel, equipment efficiency

Managing all your Mining activities


Equipment Management


Vehicle Management System (GPS)


Fuel Management System


Off-role Employee Management


Project Management System

How does NYGGS ERP help in the Mining industry?

NYGGS ERP is the perfect mining software to maximize your mining operations. From tracking and optimizing fuel consumption to managing equipment, services, workforce, and projects - NYGGS ERP has all the necessary tools to get the job done effectively and efficiently

Equipment Management
  • Service & Maintenance Due to Alerts
  • More Accurate WBS Estimations
  • Manage Accidental Equipment with Detail Trail
  • Tracking the Status and Corrective Tasks
  • Manage Services with Proper Equipment Type / Service Type / Service State
Fuel Management Sytem
  • Monitor Fuel Consumption
  • Detect Fuel Theft, Fuel Drop, Wire-Cut, Tampering
  • Remote Immobilisation of Vehicle
  • Live Fuel Usage Analytics on Mobile
  • AI-Enabled Notifications Via Mobile, Email, SMS
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Vehicle Management (GPS)
  • Real-Time Tracking with IRNSS/GPS/GLONASS
  • SOS/ Panic Button
  • Monitor the Driver’s Driving Behaviour
  • Geofence and Check Unauthorised Stoppage
  • Alert for Route Deviation
Project Management
  • Manage Work Order
  • Plan & Forecasts Budget
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Proof of Visit Document Management
  • Project-Wise Stock Statement