Unlock Productivity in Manufacturing Industry with NYGGS ERP

Don't let manual tracking of your manufacturing site slowdown productivity. Take advantage of the cutting-edge NYGGS solution and keep an eye on supply chain, vehicle, shift management and more

Managing all your Manufacturing tasks


Payroll Management


Supply Chain Management


Vehicle Management


Shift Management


Fuel Monitoring

How does NYGGS ERP help in the Manufacturing Industry?

NYGGS works with you for an end-to-end transformation across your entire manufacturing ecosystem. With NYGGS ERP, you can expect an innovative digital solution, sustainable and resilient future for your business

Payroll Management
  • Automatic Employee Synchronization
  • Automatic payroll calculation
  • Auto Payslip Generation
  • Aadhar-based blacklisting of misleading personnel
  • Aadhar validation to verify given details by new joiners
Shift Management
  • Track Scheduled Vs. Actual Hours Worked
  • Manage Early or Late Shifts
  • Identify Off Hours or Periods of Downtime
  • Detailed Records of Breaks and Overtime
  • Keep Track of Work Hours with an Employee Calendar
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Supply Chain Management
  • RMC Mix design Calibration
  • Weighbridge Integration out of MRN
  • Material & Machinery Management
  • Datasheets on Price Comparison
  • Set/Modify Limit for Local Purchases
Fuel Monitoring
  • Fuel issuance through the app
  • Fuel sensor integration in all devices
  • Issue slip as per Odo meter diesel reading
  • Mileage report & fuel theft detection
  • Live fuel consumption alert & notification