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Find the right candidates and give unmatched onboarding experience to the new joiners with NYGGS Recruitment Software.

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NYGGS Recruitment Software

In this cut-throat job market, NYGGS Recruitment software makes going beyond geographical horizons much easier and helps companies to attract the best candidates. The robust Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and intuitive dashboards to manage the talent database make hiring decisions more targeted. Try this secured Recruitment software today!

Benefits of NYGGS Recruitment System

Makes it easier-min

Makes it easier to shortlist candidates at the initial stage of the hiring process.

Streamlines the process-min

Streamlines the process and ensures that all candidates are treated fairly.

AI-powered ats-min

AI-powered ats can analyze resumes to identify the most qualified candidates.

Helps recruiters save-min

Helps recruiters save time and resources by facilitating all the tasks digitally.

Quick interview scheduler-min

Quick interview scheduler to help reduce interview scheduling conflicts.

Efficient resume management-min

Efficient resume management to organize resumes and other application materials.

Manages the offer-min

Manages the offer process by keeping proper pay breakdowns in the letters of joining in sync.

Choose from personalized 2-min

Choose from personalized joining email templates to positively welcome new hires.

Provides useful data-min

Helps in building a talent database to contact them quickly in future job openings.

Features of Recruitment Software System

Hire the right candidates, cultivate a talent database, and provide an exceptional onboarding experience for your new hires. Do away with hard-copy offer letters and switch to digital offers. Here are more features of the NYGGS Recruitment System that bring efficiency, such as:

Easy-To-Use Application-min
Easy-To-Use Application Tracking System (ATS)
AI Algorithm to-min
AI Algorithm to Identify the Ideal Candidate
Quick Interview Scheduler-min
Quick Interview Scheduler
Efficient Resume Management-min
Efficient Resume Management
Offer Management Dashboard-min
Offer Management Dashboard
Personalized Joining-min
Personalized Joining Email Template
Build a Talent Database 2-min
Build a Talent Database for Future Reference
Stress-out of Recurring-min
Stress-out of Recurring Tasks With Automation
Joining Documents-min
Joining Documents Uploads in Centralized Dashboard

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