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NYGGS Core HR Software

Simplify your workload with our easy-to-use Core HR platform! With just a few clicks, manage everything from employee data to benefits and more. Say goodbye to the tedious paperwork and hello to streamlined efficiency. Schedule a demo today!

Benefits of NYGGS Core HR System

Creates your employees-min

Creates your employees' profiles and brings your entire organization under one umbrella

Allows you to go paperless-min

Allows you to go paperless and create a centralized repository of all documents

Lets you authorize-min

Lets you authorize users to access sensitive data according to roles.

Easily manages employee-min

Easily manages employee transfer between sites locations and captures history data for analysis.

Provides a centralized-min

Provides a centralized platform for document upload, download, or share that enhances convenience.

Eliminate slip-ups-min

Eliminate slip-ups, and enhance collaborations and transparency by automating workflows.

Maintains and follows-min

Maintains and follows company policy formulation for easy regulation without error.

Allocate and monitor-min

Allocate and monitor all your assets in real- time through a centralized dashboard.

Sends automated notifications-min

Sends automated notifications & announcements to keep your employees up-to-date.

Features of NYGGS Core HR System

With the ever-increasing workforce, it has become exceedingly hard for the HR department to juggle large scale tasks. NYGGS provides the latest solution- Core HR Software! Here are its features

End-To-End Data Encryption.-min
End-To-End Data Encryption.
Authorize Users-min
Authorize Users as Per Their Role.
Preset Employee-min
Preset Employee Letter Templates.
Terminate Data-min
Terminate Data Duplication Feature.
Schedule Asset-min
Schedule Asset Maintenance in Advance.
Automated Notifications-min
Automated Notifications & Announcements.

Collect employee data and plan ahead using affordable one-stop-core HRM software. Contact us!