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Equipment Management Software

NYGGS Equipment Management ensures that the cost of equipment pays off in the long run, besides the cost of the equipment itself, there are expenses associated with operation, maintenance, usage and storage.

Our solutions support you in studying the information alongside upcoming and current projects to help you make informed decisions and achieve the goal of generating the highest possible Return on Investment (ROI)

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Why NYGGS Equipment Management System?


Manage records and data of your equipments, their status, service and maintenance in dedicated dashboards

From project initiation to conception to planning, execution, launch, performance, monitoring and closure.


What is meant by equipment management?

Equipment management involves the management, monitoring and upkeep of both powered and non-powered assets. Through effective equipment management, companies can utilize equipment more effectively and efficiently by enabling rapid asset deployment when required.

What are the benefits of equipment management?

With the Equipment Management module, users can manage daily operations with maintenance-critical equipment monitoring. With integrated approval features, users can ensure customer quality services and receive detailed management analysis reports.

What are the functions of Equipment Maintenance Management ERP Software?

The primary functionalities of equipment maintenance management ERP Software are the following: service checklist, equipment usage administration, periodic servicing, personnel planning and management, service level agreements, planned preventive maintenance, and reactive maintenance, inventory management, customer relationship management, accounting, billing, and smart reports.

What are the different types of equipment management modules in ERP?

There are two main types of equipment management modules in ERP:

  • Asset tracking modules: Asset tracking modules track the location and condition of equipment.
  • Maintenance management modules: Maintenance management modules track the maintenance history of equipment and generate reports on equipment condition.

What are the steps in equipment management?

The Three Types of Maintenance

  • Corrective Maintenance.
  • Preventative Maintenance.
  • Predictive Maintenance.

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